The CENTAC is a centre dedicated to promoting the development of accessibility technology within the business, industry and services sectors, so as to facilitate access to the same and enhance the quality of life of the elderly and the disabled, as well as their families.

The CENTAC has the following objectives:

  • To become a point of reference regarding the adaptation of technology for the disabled.
  • To unite projects from the major companies in the sector and promote the testing, innovation, assessment and demonstration of the advances made regarding accessibility and design for all..
  • To provide international visibility of Spanish accessibility technology, strengthening cooperation processes with the industry on R&D+i projects and through the active participation of users.

In order to achieve these objectives, the centre will offer the following services:

  • Communications activity regarding the processes of standardisation, innovation, technology transfer and cooperation. This will contribute to increasing awareness of the sector. The service will be aimed at industry, consumer motivators and users.
  • Provision of support for the creation of catalogues of manufacturers and distributors of accessibility technology.
  • The creation of a Monitoring and Investigation Observatorium regarding Accessibility Technology to draft sector and technology studies.
  • A demonstration and testing laboratory. This will be an experimental environment where:
    • regulations and specific techniques will be studied;
    • products will be assessed
    • the suitability of products to accessibility standards will be checked, and
    • the most innovative solutions will be analysed.

    Furthermore, a domotic environment has been installed at the premises of CENTAC for the demonstration of technologies and where tests can be carried out with real users.

  • Accreditation services, including the design of testing and product certification methods.
  • Support for technical legislative and regulatory development. This provides support for the technological and industrial considerations of the Spanish Equal Opportunities, Non-Discrimination and Universal Accessibility for the Disabled Act (LIONDAU in Spanish) and participation in legalisation groups and expert committees.
  • Training of professionals. The purpose being to provide qualified professionals for the development of environments and products. Training courses will be provided on related subjects, such as accessibility and usability of Internet information portals. Teaching guides and material on accessible design will also be drafted.
  • Promotion of technology transfer. Cooperation between universities and between universities and companies will be encouraged, as well as R&D+i among manufacturers.
  • Creation of a network of centres of reference in R&D. This will include support to the cooperative participation of public and private centres on international and domestic bids for R&D support.
  • Patronos de CENTAC: El Corte Inglés, Fund. ONCE, Fund. Vodafone, Telefónica, Tüv Rheinland, CERMI, RPSD, Red. CEAPAT, CRE